Vladimiro Putino spaudos konferencijos, skirtos aptarti G8 susitikimo rezultatus, metu nacionalbolševikas, „Kitos Rusijos“ aktyvistas Konstantinas Šukmanas ėmė mėtyti lapelius ir skanduoti: „Putinas – tironas!“. Prezidentas buvo priverstas nutraukti kalbą ir atsakyti į pateiktus kaltinimus.



       K.Šukmanas buvo akredituotas kaip laikraščio „Nemec Povolžja“ žurnalistas.

       Lapelio tekstas:


Personal dictatorship of Vladimir Putin was established in Russia. He is ruling the country like a tsar, supported by his court circle, formed of former and present chekists. Only the «pocket» political parties are allowed to carry out any activities, the obedient to the dictator parlament is formed of these parties by means of unfair elections. Any opposition activities are being severly suppressed. The recent prohibitions and dispersals of the «Dissenters' Marches» testify to this fact. Opposition parties are refused regisrations, they are being prohibited – like the NBP of Edwaqrd Limonov, RPR of Vladimir Ryzhkov. Political enemies of president are being threatened with physical punishments, up to a murder.
All the independent mass media and independent justice were destroyed in Russia, ruled by Putin. Journalists, writing the truth, are trapped by hired assassins, as it happened to Yuri Shekochikhin, Anna Politkovslaya and many others. Judjes are making their decisions, guided by the Kremlin, instead of the law. The number of political prisoners in the country is growing every day.
The closest collaborators of president are getting rich by means of oil and gas supplies, transfering billions of dollars to foreign accounts. The major part of the population is still living in poverty. The citizens' lifes don't have any value for the dictator. For the sake of doing away with one terrorist he is ready to kill ten hostages. It was so in the «Nord-Ost» and Beslan.
It's time to give to the regime of Putin the name it deserves – TYRANNY. The power in Russia doesn't belong to its people, as it is written in the constitution, the power belongs to the tyrant and the narrow circle of his accomplices.
We are not asking for anybody's help. Citizens of Russia must cope with the problem by own strength. But we are reminding to the western leaders, that they are sitting at one table with a tyrant.

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