Diržys Redas „Manifestai”. Manifesto #3 POLITICS

Society is hierarchic.

2.      Society is made of groups of people that have different rights and different social opportunities, even if theoretically they should be even.

3.      The elite of society has the majority of rights and regulates the common affairs of society.

4.      The elite consists of several groups: elected representatives, economic and criminal elite.

5.      Normally, all the groups are related. One member of elite can represent few or all groups.

6.      The elite determines the rules of public behavior.

7.      The elite legitimates its existence with the help of social manipulations.

8.      Social manipulations often are defined as brainwashing.

9.      The main goal of brainwashing is to hide the difference between the ideal (theoretical) social model and the reality.

10.   Members of elite enjoy the economic prosperity that is inaccessible for others. Elite knows that their names will be mentioned in the history books.

11.  To achieve its goals successfully, the elite needs society that is generally indifferent and does not question the rules of social behavior.

12.  Only this type of society could be easily turned into cannon-fodder.

13.  To have independent political thinking does not mean to be a member of political party. It means the publicly demonstrated responsibility for everything that happens around.


     Redas Diržys & Jonas Valatkevičius, 1998